So what is 6K Adventure?

Nothing special really… Just a random place to store some thoughts, experiences, pictures and whatever else related to my adventure. What is this adventure in question? Well a 6K Adventure of course.

A little background on me. I’m a computer nerd. Not the typical dungeons and dragons nerd but more of a web developer. I’ve worked for a Fortune 50 company and currently own a web hosting business. To sum it up, I sit in front of a computer monitor for hours upon hours in between meetings with clients. Who am I kidding, I love my job! With that being said, this blog won’t be used to advertise in any shape or form but rather a basic tool used to share my life over the next adventure.

There comes a time where you need a break. From years of little to no activity and a nice air conditioner I had packed on a few extra pounds. Finally getting tired of attempting to move my belly to tie my shoes I joined a gym. Low and behold I dropped a few pounds. Over the past year or so I’ve tried to get outside as much as possible. The fresh air and lack of electronics is rather therapeutic. Who would have guessed?

I’m somewhat spontaneous, and coming back from a trip to Tennessee with a friend I mentioned that I’d like to go on a random road trip for a few days. This idea stuck and I pondered on it for the entire time I drove back to the Bluegrass State. I literally started planning this trip the next evening. The mileage roughly totals a little over 6,000 miles thus the name, 6K Adventure.

I’ll use this blog along with social media to document my adventure.

Stay tuned!