Day 14 – I survived the night!!!

Shortly after crashing last night I was abruptly awoken by a tree limb crashing into the tent. Well…. maybe it was more like a twig. Still you know how it is when a little noise sounds HUGE when you are asleep. The wind was crazy all night and stuff was going everywhere. I was waiting for my chance to describe what the tornado sounded like on the news.

I finally got back to sleep when a car door slammed and woke me back up. No big deal, I’ll roll over and continue sleeping. WRONG!!! Apparently my wonderful neighbors down the way must have spilled an entire bag of M&M’s in their vehicle. Then proceeded to remove them one by one while closing the door in between sessions of removal. About 276 door slams later it ceased. Maybe the door finally broke off the hinge. Fingers crossed.

Waking up again to actually start the day wasn’t that bad. I showered and found a quarter in the gravel beside my car. Maybe that’s what my neighbors were looking for. I hit Denny’s for breakfast. While there I utilized the time to eat and catch up on work.

The first stop on the agenda was Pictograph State Park in Montana. It was just a few minutes down the road. Apparently rattlesnakes are bad there but all I saw was two rabbits and a frog. HA!


Back on the road again for me. I headed out towards South Dakota on 212 east. On the way I saw some interesting things on the side of the road. Enjoy the pics of that mess…


I ended up tonight at a KOA in Deadwood, SD. I’m going to explore this little “gold mine” of a town some tomorrow before moving on out towards Mt. Rushmore. While here I’ve ran into some really nice people. A biker from Kansas chatted with me for a bit and also a guy from Tennessee. Funny thing is the gentleman from Tennessee used to live in Lexington, KY with his wife.