Day 10 – California, South to North

Tonight will be my last night in California. It has been a blast. I really love this state. It’s crazy how much it changes as you head north. I’m actually in an area tonight where I can use the ENO hammock. The past few nights I’ve been forced to stay in the tent for the lack of trees.

I didn’t explore any today so I don’t have any cool pics tonight. I ate breakfast at Denny’s and ordered the grand slam… Little did I know on the receipt it says Invisible Woman Slam… WTF MATE? For lunch I met some clients in the Modesto area. It was great seeing them in person after working with them for several years. Very nice group of people and I love working for them.

Tonight I’m staying in Mt. Shasta City, California. Apparently there are some trails around here and a beautiful lake. I caught a glimpse of it on my way to the KOA. Unfortunately my time in Cali is up and I must head to Oregon for more adventures. Currently looking on Google for places to stay/hike in Oregon. Wish me luck!