Day 1 – Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri

Day 1 is in the books. Nothing much happened today in terms of adventure. Today was pure driving bliss. HA! I ended up making decent time considering I was held up in construction numerous times on interstate 64 and 70. I was pushing it down to the wire though and pulled in to the KOA here in Oak Ridge, Missouri literally 6 minutes before they closed the check in office. Upon asking for a tent site I was informed everything was booked except 1 primitive cabin site. So guess where I’m at currently…. lol.¬†While I prepared for camping and brought all of my gear I don’t mind sleeping in a bed another night. The hammock is calling my name though.

While in route I did capture a few pictures of the St. Louis arch and a few random cloud pictures while sitting in construction. Hey you’ve got to entertain yourself some how when you are riding solo. I suppose I’ll attach those to this post.

I guess the thing that impressed me most about today was the gas mileage of the little Cruze. That 2.0 liter turbo diesel really cranked out some number considering. I won’t say I was operating at an unsafe rate of speed but I will say that I was worried about not getting to the KOA before they closed and may have went slightly above the suggested 70mph. All in all I covered 562 miles today from my house in Lexington, KY to my cabin here at the KOA in Oak Ridge, Missouri. From start to finish I used 12.30 gallons of diesel which landed me right at 45.69 mpg average for the first day. Not too shabby in my book.